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Your simple and secure telehealth autism diagnosis solution.

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A hassle-free, convenient digital clinic for autism assessments

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Do you suspect your child may be on the autism spectrum? Or are you on a waitlist for a behavioral evaluation? So, let's find out. is a hassle-free, HIPAA-compliant digital clinic to obtain a formal autism spectrum diagnosis from a state-licensed child psychologist using the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for ASD. Using telehealth methods to diagnose autism was between 80 - 91% accurate. By accelerating diagnoses, we help parents access valuable ABA therapy and financial services sooner, improve outcomes, and reduce the lifelong cost of care. An early diagnosis is a key to getting the support you and your child need. Get started today by clicking the Get Started button below.

Avoid Long Wait Times

Speedy Diagnosis

Covered by Insurance

Certified Assessments

Post Diagnosis Support

Our Process

Our process is simple,

receive an expert diagnosis from home.




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Connect with Wendi, our HIPAA 

Compliant Digital Assistant

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Initial Video Consultation

with Patient Intake Technician

Mother and Daughter

Telehealth Behavioral Evaluation by a

Board-Certified Practitioner

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  • Complete a Patient Inquiry Form 

  • Enter insurance information and mobile number

User-friendly and secure 

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  • Insurance benefits are verified in a few seconds

  • Any deductible or co-pay is confirmed

  • Automatically schedule your appointment

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